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After Alexandria, Virginia in 2018 and Long Beach, California in 2019, the World Rowing Indoor Championships are stopping in the Parisian stadium, Pierre de Coubertin. 2020, 3rd edition but 1st in France, 1st in Europe and 1st organized by a federation.

With its experience in the field with its annual event of the French national championships, the French Rowing Federation has been chosen by World Rowing to carry the 2020 edition of WRICH, World Rowing Indoor Championships .

About the European biggest connected sports event:


The word of FISA’s president, Jean-Christophe Rolland :  
« We held the first two championships in the United States in full cooperation with Concept2. Concept2 not only supply the hardware and technology for such an event, they also support participation of international rowers and also actually help run it. Now it is the moment to move the event outside of the United States. Paris and the French Rowing Federation proved to be fully ready to host the championships and we have already seen a huge amount of interest generated since we first made the announcement. We know that Paris is the right choice. »  

The word of Concept2’s founder, Peter Dreissigacker :
« After the success of Long Beach, we're already looking forward to Paris. The French Rowing Federation has always put on a great indoor rowing event and with the support of World Rowing we're sure they can continue to move the event forward.  Taking the race over to Europe will help showcase what an international sport this is." The World Rowing Indoor Championship racing will take place in open and lightweight categories as well as junior, under-23, para and masters categories. »

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World Rowing Indoor Championships 2020

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