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The French school championship of indoor rowing, led by the UNSS, is a consecration for high school students who manage to qualify for it during the academy championships.

The colleges come in teams of 8 with 2 crews: 4 boys/4 girls
High schools come in teams of 8 with 2 free crews: 4 boys/4 girls or 2 boys or 2 girls crews.

Limited to 32, the qualifying places are expensive to come and participate in the final which opposes them on different event formats:
At the end, a points ranking is carried out to determine the 3 best secondary schools and the 3 best high schools which will be rewarded.

In addition, inclusive races allow students with cognitive or motor disabilities to participate with able-bodied students:
This competition is supervised by the Young Officials and Young Coaches of the UNSS who came for the first major competition of their young career.

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World Rowing Indoor Championships 2020

Registrations until 20 January 2020

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