Building on its experience of the annual French Championships and the 2020 World Championships, the French Rowing Federation has been chosen by World Rowing to host the 2023 edition of the ERICH, European Rowing Indoor Championships. 

Accompanied by its partners, the FFA will once again bring you together in the Pierre de Coubertin stadium arena after the world edition in 2020, its connected versions in 2021 and 2022! SAVE the DATE for this great national and international indoor rowing event.


How many rowers on 01,02 & 03 febuary ?! You are now...





Event concept

This year, back in the arena where we can expect around 90 competitors per race! It's OPEN to EVERYBODY: amateurs, experienced rowers or champions, everyone has a place to perform, whatever the goal is: victory, top 10 or a personal challenge. The important thing come and row :-)

In a few figures :

  • Almost 20 hours of races for more than 50 race starts
  • 3 formats: 500 m, 2000 m and team relay (4 x 500 m and 8 x 250 m)
  • Nearly 200 RowErg and BikErg Concept2 for the competition and the warm-up
  • A giant 80 m2 screen to broadcast the races and the progress of all the competitors
  • Nearly 400 meters of cable to connect all the machines
  • As for the participants, we are expecting more than 3000 people to heat up the wheels and make the counters go wild!
In short, you can't miss it!
Event concept

MAIF French Rowing Indoor Championships 2024

Registration from October, 2nd to January 8, 2024

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