My journey

Arrival at the Charlety Stadium
To get to the Stadium, go to "Stade charlety"
Plan to arrive at least 2 hours before your race. 

Get your bib back
Stop at the Reception to collect your Race Card including the information for your race (time, ergometer number, etc.) and allowing you access to the competition area.

Changing rooms and locker room

Changing rooms and a locker room are available so that you can change and leave your belongings. No business should be left in the cloakroom.
You can then keep a small bag with you during your run.

Weighing for light weights
For those competing in the lightweight categories, you must weigh-in between 2am and 1am before your race

Warm up

Nearly 100 machines are available to warm up before the start of your race. Max 30min before time.

Appeals Chamber
10 minutes before the start of your race, in front of the competition area. 
5 minutes before your race, you enter the stage. 

Time of race
A few more minutes of warm-up and adjustments on the competition ergometer and...READY, ATTENTION, ROW! 

If you are a medal winner, stay close to the competition area and the podium, your medal presentation will take place shortly after.

After your race, you will be able to recover in the dedicated room, on mats and bikes. Access to the ergometers is only allowed for warm-up. Please respect this rule.
Physiotherapists will also be present for your recovery.


MAIF French Rowing Indoor Championships 2024

Registration from October, 2nd to January 8, 2024

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