Training Plan

Training plan
French MAIF Indoor Rowing Championships 2024

Need help in your preparation? ?

French Rowing made a specific training program for 500m and 2000m over 11 weeks for a start on November 14, 2022.
It consists of 4 weekly training sessions, but you can choose to do only one, two or three depending on your level, your goals and your free time. Simply choose from the workouts offered each week.

Three levels of intensity are determined. If you use a heart rate monitor, they correspond to:

LOW LOW INTENSITY: 70-80% of max heart rate

MEDIUM INTENSITY: 80-90% of max heart rate
HIGH INTENSITY: 90-100% of max

Otherwise, determine these levels according to how you feel. All sessions should be performed after an appropriate warm-up and finished with a cool-down. Write down your session references to compare and follow your evolution over time on similar sessions (watts, time/500m, duration, etc...)

Good preparation & see you in January!

Program 500 m       Program 2000 m

MAIF French Rowing Indoor Championships 2024

Registration from October, 2nd to January 8, 2024

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